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“The Greater Debate” Review: A Social Game of Defending Your Views

“The Greater Debate” Review: A Social Game of Defending Your Views


The Greater Debate is a competitive, social game in which you give 30-second statements to defend your views on various topics.




Greater Debate Stats:


Players: 3-15

Time: 45 minutes

Ages: 10+

By: Castle Productions

Suggested Retail Price: $18

Categories: Debate, Family, Party, Card, Social


How to Play The Greater Debate:


Deal one of each of the A and B voting cards to each player. Randomly determine a starting player. That player will flip up a debate card from the draw deck. Then, they read the debate topic and choose a side to support. Next, they read the “Icebreaker” in the upper, left-hand corner. The “Icebreaker” will determine the opposing player in the debate. The opposing player has to support the other side of the debate even if they do not agree with it!

Both players have 30 seconds to present their argument. Then, players who did not participate use their A and B voting cards to vote for the better argument. Whichever debater gets more votes wins the debate card!

The first player to gain 5 debate cards is the winner!

The Greater Debate Review:


The original “Great Debate” is a skillful party game for 5 to 10 players. The new “The Greater Debate” is a stand-alone game that you can play with 3 to 15 players. This new player range makes “The Greater Debate” more appealing as a family game as well as for larger parties. Also, the new debate cards are original and have a huge variety of subject matter. In “The Greater Debate,” you also get a big box to carry the core set and expansions in, in addition to getting more voting cards and a whole new set of debate cards!

A distinct appeal of this game is the ability to vary your play experience by including different cards. The debate cards are marked with a green, yellow, or red circle in the top, right-hand corner. Red means that the debate on the card deals with a controversial  issue. Of course, green means just the opposite. Accordingly, yellow is somewhere in the middle. You can customize your game by choosing which colors you want to play with. For instance, in a friendly, family game you may just play with the green cards. In a hardcore game among friends, you may just play with red cards. Of course, you can always just play traditional style with all the cards mixed together.

You can also play with one of my favorite variant rules. After both debaters make their initial arguments, the starting debater may choose to bid a card (1 point) in order to make a 15-second rebuttal argument. Then, the opposing player may choose to pay and rebuttal and so on. Other players vote as normal when the rebuttals are finished. However, the winner of the debate gets all the bid cards plus the original debate card!


If you are interested, you can order a copy of the game and support Castle Productions at “The Greater Debate” Kickstarter Page!

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Review By: Sarah Childs, Owner of Childs’ Play: Games & Geekery





  1. This sounds like fun, but could be very Dangerous. I hope they put warnings on it that they are not responsible for inciting violence by idiots who do not realize it is just a game. This will show people reasons to like or not like you and would be very careful with who you play. Could you imagine if this was a Political game??

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