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Escape Room Board Games

I’ve been to a couple of escape rooms in the Orange County, California area and they are a lot of fun! In an escape room, you and your team are set up with a scenario and have to cooperate to solve a series of puzzles in order to escape. Did you know you can also create a puzzle and problem-solving experience from the comfort of your own home with these escape room board games?

Escape rooms appeal to those who love to act like a detective and problem solve. Bonus points if you know how to use a decoder tool! But also, because it is a cooperative game, you don’t have to be a genius – two minds are better than one in these types of games!

On the other hand, one reason people might not love these games due to the replayablity factor. Although many come with multiple scenarios, each scenario can only be played once. A way I’ve gone around this is to set up the game for different groups of players (and not play, but be available to give clues). You cold also trade or sell the game after playing all of the scenarios.

Here are a few of our favorite board game escape room experiences.

Escape Room: The Game

This game made my Board Game Gift Guide 2017 list! Escape Room the Game comes with 4 unique scenarios taking about an hour each.


If you don’t care about spoilers, you can watch us play the first scenario, Prison Break:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MU9CD–J0UQ[/embedyt]


If you really don’t care about spoilers, you can watch us play the third scenario, Nuclear Meltdown:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmGwxMlo6Hk[/embedyt]


You can find Escape Room: The Game on Amazon for ~$30.

The Unfinished Case of Holmes

Immerse yourself in Victorian era London with this escape room board game inspired by the iconic detective Sherlock Holmes. In this scenario, you and your teammates are tasked with solving a mystery in the middle of being investigated by Holmes himself.

What’s unique about this experience is that it comes with an app that allows you to use virtual reality to view the room and find clues.

This game is on our to-play list!


Thanks for reading! Leave a comment if you’ve either of these games, or you know about an escape room board game we should try!







  1. Hello,
    I also played “Escape Room The Game” and I had a lot of fun. I wanted to tell you about some new Escape Room games: Unloack and Escapoly. I tried them both but the second (escapoly) really impressed me, inside the envelope I found several real objects (I think handmade), it seems to live a real crime scene
    Do you know any other games to recommend?
    Thank you

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