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Knot Dice Review: Celtic Knot Design Puzzles & Games

Knot Dice is a deluxe set of 36 dice which you can use to play many different puzzles and games.

Knot Dice Deluxe Game Stats:


Players: 1-4 players

Time: varies, most are 10-20 minutes

Ages: 8+

By: Black Oak Games

Retail price:  ~$30-60

Categories: Puzzles, abstract, Celtic


Knot Dice Game Play:


The Knot Dice set contains 36 beautiful dice inscribed with a piece of a celtic knot design. It comes with two booklets: one for puzzles and one for games.

The puzzles booklet lays out seven different types of puzzles and how to score them. They range from completion puzzles where you swap dice, to 3-dimensional puzzles akin to Rubik cube.

The games booklet contains the rules for twelve different games you can play with 1 to 4 players. They include both cooperative and competitive games. The games range from low to high complexity of play, so you can choose how much you want to challenge your brain!

knot dice celtic puzzles

Knot Dice Review:


I really enjoy a lot of puzzles and strategic games, so this set was right up my alley! Bonus: the strategy involves spatial awareness and spatial reasoning. If you enjoy visualizing puzzles and problem-solving, you’ll like or love a lot of these games.

The dice themselves are very nice, very deluxe, as the box says. The color goes very well with the celtic theme and they feel decadent, though surprisingly lightweight. The silver etching is easy to see on the green dice. Plus, the celtic knot snippets are just plain cool.

The theme is great as well. A few games are named after elements of celtic culture, including the book of Kells.

I like how much choice you have in how you play with these dice. There’s room to create house rules or your own games as well. They even include some tips on creating your own puzzles and games, including shorthand notations.

Interested? You can purchase Knot Dice or Knot Dice Deluxe on the Black Oak Games website!


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