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Polemic Review: How Well Do You Know Your Friends?

Polemic is a social deduction and guessing game where 3-6 players attempt to deduce their opponent’s opinions on a range of topics.


Polemic Card Game Stats:


Players: 3-6 players

Time: varies

Ages: 8+

By: Garden Path Games

Retail price:  $15

Categories: Party, card game, social


Polemic Game Play:

Each player is given a colored set of cards: two opinion cards (like and dislike) and a set of guess cards numbered from 0-6. The deck of topic cards is placed in the center of the gaming area. Should the group number less than 6, any guess cards that give a number larger than the total number of players can be removed from the game.


Plays begins with the player who read the rules taking the first turn. Said player draws a card from the topic deck. He or she then chooses one of the topics listed on the card to be the topic this turn, and relays it to the other players. The final topic on each card offers a chance for the selecting player to make up their own topic for the round.


Each player then chooses one of their opinion cards, like or dislike, that best reflects their own opinion on the topic, and places that card face down. Each player then chooses one of their guess cards that reflects how many among the group (including themselves) they believe will like the topic.


Once all players have made their choices, all cards are turned face up and the number of players who liked the topic are counted. All players who correctly guessed the number of likes receive 1 point.


Play continued clockwise amongst all players. The game ends immediately when one or more players earn 4 points. Those players win the game.


polemic review


Polemic Review:

Polemic is a game that, I believe, encapsulates many of the greatest elements of tabletop gaming. It can be learned in minutes, it’s minimalist contents make it easy enough to throw in a backpack or purse, and it allows both familiar gaming groups, as well as casual encounters at get-togethers or parties, to get to know each other in a way that’s judgement free (mostly, we’ll get to that later) while still being a riot to play.


When it comes to considering Polemic as an addition to your collection of games, the question you shouldn’t be asking is “Do I want this game?” but rather, “How well do I know my friends, and how badly do I want to know the stuff I don’t?” If the answer to the latter is firmly in the camp of the inquisitive, you’ll find out plenty.


And, knowing the people you’re playing with is key, although you can still have a heap of fun if you’re facing down complete strangers. Being able to correctly deduce the proclivities of those around you can certainly give you an upper hand in acquiring the win, but throwing on your Deer Hunter and trying to Sherlock your way into everyone else’s head is just as entertaining. Did one of the other player’s let slip a quick smile at the announcement of the chosen topic? How shifty is their gaze? Throw down your guess and find out, just don’t give your own opinion away.


To coincide with the release of the game, the game’s creators (Garden Path Games) have also release a separate Adult Topic Pack that provides an entirely new (and infinitely bawdier) pool of possible topics to be thrown down.


Should your find yourself burning the midnight oil with a group of like-minded individuals, you may find these topics more to your liking. Ever found yourself wondering whether your seemingly innocent friends find themselves partaking in the more closeted and seedy practices of the adult world? What better way to find out that in the pursuit of clarity and, more importantly, victory at the dining room table. Be ready though, once the cards are face up, no one can say they didn’t entirely expect the Spanish Inquisition.


Polemic is a fast paced and simple party game that offers a million laughs and more to play groups willing to bare all. Get ready to find things out about your friends that you might never have known before, but keep in mind, they might just learn things about you too. 


Polemic is available for purchase on the Garden Path Games website.


Unfiltered Gamer was sent a copy of Polemic to review, but our opinions remain our own.


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  1. This does not sound like a game that I would like to play with strangers, especially if they don’t have a good sense of humor!
    Also this game sounds like fun Toga game to be played with your choice of liquor.

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