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Tsuro Review: The Game of the Path

Tsuro: The Game of the Path is a quick, fun visual game. Players choose a dragon token and place unique tiles on the board which moves their dragon along the path. Choose your path wisely, for others are looking to knock you off the board or simply outlast you.

Tsuro Board Game Stats:

Players: 2 – 8 players

Playing Time: Short, 15-20 minutes

Ages: 8+

Publisher: Calliope Games

Retail: Amazon for $21.99

Categories: Strategy, Puzzle, Quick to Learn, Visual

Tsuro Gameplay

The gameplay is very simple, which makes it easy to explain to others, including children. Everyone has 3 tiles in their hand, and the tiles can be rotated to create different plays. When you place the tile in front of your dragon token, you move your dragon (plus any others affected by the tile) along the path on the tile. If the path causes your dragon to fall off the edge, you have lost. If two dragons collide on the path, both players lose. The objective is to be the last dragon on the board.

The game is deceptively simple and there are several strategies to win. You can:

  • Place any tile that ensures you don’t go off the edge each turn.
  • Move yourself around the board to create space between yourself and the other players, trying to outlast them.
  • Move yourself toward other players and try to play tiles that will move other players onto a path that goes off the board.
  • Play in such a way to leave yourself escape routes to far sides of the board.

All are viable strategies depending on how you would like to play the game. Be ruthless and quick, or methodical. Either way, a keen sense of spatial reasoning is key in this game.

Tsuro Review

Tsuro is one of our favorite board games! It is great for adults and kids alike, and kids have a fair chance of beating adults, so it’s a great family board game. It is also a great game to play to warm up or play while you’re waiting for more people to arrive for game night.
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