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Yukon Salon Card Game Review: Lumberjacks, Bears and Hairs, Oh My!

Yukon Salon is a quick matching card game. As a stylist, you’ll match beard styles to Lumbarjacks, or turn the card around to become a hairstyle for a bear in need. The stylist with the highest number of points wins the game!


Yukon Salon Card Game Stats:

meeple redPlayers: 2-4 players

hourglass_iconTime: 15 minutes

Ages: 8+

Designed by: David Fooden

Retail price: Currently on Kickstarter, $15+

Categories: Card, Matching, Humour

Yukon Salon Gameplay:


The game consists of two types of cards.


Client cards are the lumberjacks and bears in need of a style. The deck will contain a certain amount of client cards based on the number of players. Depending on the number of players, flip over several client cards to fill the wait line. These are the clients you can choose from.


Style cards are dealt out to players, depending on the number of players and turn order. Style cards can be played as hairstyles one way and beards another way. Depending on how you play the card, you’ll get a different number of style points and a different benefit from a successful match.


On your turn, you may do two actions, which include seating a client, styling a client and drawing a style card. When styling a client, add up the number of style points and roll the dice. If your roll matches or exceeds the style points, the style is successful. If your roll is too low, you have two choices. You can make up the difference by discarding style cards from your hand, or you must convince the client that the style is great by paying the client unique compliments.


When all the clients have been drawn, it signals the end of the game and players have one last turn to gain style points. Points are added up at the end and the player with the highest number of style points wins.

yukon salon card game review

Yukon Salon Card Game Review:

Yukon Salon is a silly and humorous card game, sure to garner a few laughs. It is very lightweight in theme as well as packaging. We were able to travel with this game, no problem. It is also very easy to learn; there are not a lot of options or complications.


The highlight of the game is the option to give compliments to the client to convince them to keep the style. You have to remember what other people said so you can keep the compliments unique. Once you run out of the typical “This style makes you look 10 years younger!” you can see how the compliments could get a little ridiculous.


There is a little bit of strategy involved in figuring out which client to choose and how to match the cards. You can get a few bonuses that can help you gain more points if you get some good combinations. But, and I think this is good for this game, there really isn’t a way to strategically maximize your points astronomically; that’s not what this game is about. It is about escaping for a little while into a world of stylish lumberjacks and bears with a couple of friends or family members.


If you’re looking for a lighthearted game for playing as a warm-up or in-between other games to relax and cool down, I recommend checking out Yukon Salon on Kickstarter.


Thank you to David Fooden for sending this game to Unfiltered Gamer. The review is our honest opinion of the game.

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