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Strategicon’s Orccon 2018 Recap from Los Angeles

We had a chance to check out Stratigicon‘s first event of the year, Orccon, last President’s day weekend. If you’re not in the know on southern California tabletop events, there aren’t a lot of them, but ones we can count on every year are part of the Stratigicon lineup.

Live variously through us as we share some of the interesting games, art and people that stood out to us this year.

Warning: photo-heavy post ahead!



The new werewolf party card game, Growl! I love playing our prototype of this game, and it keeps getting better. Check out our review of Growl.


obscure reference games

Obscure Reference Games was present, showing off Overlords of Infamy. Go, evil corgi Waffles! I mean, who doesn’t want to take over the land?


magic meeple

Magic Meeple Games brought the wizardry spirit!


Darkrock Ventures, a mining and worker placement game by Magic Meeple Games.


escape from dulce

Sentient Cow Games was in the house, offering demos of their Kickstarter game, Secret Unknown Stuff: Escape from Dulce. It’s a quirky dungeon crawler featuring a multi-level dungeon. Yes, there is a sentient, two-headed cow.



Filibuster, one of few political themed games I like!


Dungeon Brawl, a deck-builder fighting game, comes to Kickstarter on March 30.


custom leather

Merchant Green Leather Works shared their custom and pre-made leather gaming accessories.


relic world showdown

The miniatures gaming section was strong, too. Take this set-up of Relic Worlds Showdown. I love how they used fish tank decor as landscape!



There was a massive battle underway on these tables!


Awesome miniatures from Mythic Battles Pantheon by Mythic Games. All of these miniatures are Greek gods, goddesses, creatures and heroes from myths!


Sea of Nadia, by Maclay’s Games, coming soon to Kickstarter.


miniatures display

Crystal Fortress showing off these modular display cases for miniatures.


eternal kings

Eternal Kings, a successful Kickstarter game with a new twist on the classic Chess.


rios games

An ambassador from Rio Grande Games showing off Rob ‘N Run.


What’s up next? Check out the Southern California board game events list, and stay tuned for the following two Strategicon events for the rest of 2018:

  • Gamex – Memorial Day Weekend – May 25-18, 2018
  • Gateway – Labor Day Weekend – August 31 – September 3, 2018

Thanks and happy gaming!




  1. The original is one of my favourite dungeon crawlers, so I”m looking forward to this. The second game looks like a reboot of the first and that is also supported by the girls” new designs. I get why they did that given the ending of the first game, but it”s still a bit disappointing that they didn”t find a way to continue the story. I guess the upside of that is that I won”t have to replay the remake of the first game. It”s also a shame that there”s no Vita version since this is where I prefer to play dungeon crawlers. I may end up remote playing this, but still.

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