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Splendid Game Chest Review: A Splendid Fit For Splendor

Crafted by The Broken Token, the Splendid Game Chest is a do-it-yourself kit to create a compact and hardy game box for Splendor.

The Splendid Game Chest Kit


The kit comes with assembly instructions and 6 total wooden sheets. Half of the sheets are very thick, to create the outside part of the box. The thinner pieces become compartments to organize the pieces inside the box.

Putting Together the Splendid Game Chest

Assembly is very easy! For those who are anti-visual instructions (think putting together IKEA furniture, but on a much smaller scale), there is a link to a video how-to. The pieces, especially the thicker pieces fit together really well. I recommend using a small mallet to gently knock the pieces together. The fit is seamless, and I didn’t even see the need to use glue (though the instruction recommend using glue on any loose joints).

splendor game box review

Storing Splendor in the Splendid Game Chest


The Splendor game fits perfectly into the box.

I love how the coin racks both come out of the box, so you can set them next to the game and not have to bother with removing them entirely and stacking them on the table. The coins look pretty in the racks as well. While the coins racks were a very snug fit, a little bit of sanding down the outside made it a perfect fit.

The box itself looks very nice too. You could even personalize the box by staining or painting it. The jewel design fits perfectly with the Splendor theme.

While the box may not stack on a shelf in the same way larger cardboard boxes stack, if you have the room, I prefer the Splendid Game Chest. It looks great on a shelf by itself or with other Broken Token game boxes.

You can purchase the Splendid Game Chest kit at The Broken Token website.


splendor game box complete


Thank you to The Broken Token for providing Unfiltered Gamer with a Splendid Game Chest kit. This review is our opinion of the product.


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