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PeltaPeeps Review: A Playful Abstract Game

PeltaPeeps is an abstract strategy game with a lot of personality. Place your peeps and foil your opponent’s game play while creating a work of art!


PeltaPeeps Game Stats:


meeple redPlayers: 2-4 players (2-6 with expansion)

hourglass_iconTime: 40 minutes

Ages: 8+

By: Pelta Games

Retail price: On Kickstarter

Categories: Abstract, Strategy, Placement

How to PlayPelta Peeps:



The object of PeltaPeeps is to score the most points on the board. You’ll receive points for the number of face-up pieces of your color and their connections at the end of the game.


First, players choose one to two colored sets of pieces depending on the number of players. Starting with a random player, players will place one of their pieces on the board, connecting it to a piece already there. Then, the player will choose to flip over or move another player’s piece. Pieces can only be flipped if the piece can still connect in the same spot. Pieces can only be moved as long as the move won’t leave any pieces disconnected from rest of the board.


All the pieces in a color set are different and there are several different types of pieces. PeltaDragon Eggs are dormant and only worth 1 point if face-up at the end of the game. On the other hand, PeltaPeep pieces are worth 2 points. If the piece is flipped by an opponent, it is no longer worth points inherently. However, you can still get points from the connections. Each connection is worth one point. In addition, each connection with your own pieces is worth a bonus point.


Play continues until there are no more pieces to add, or a legal play cannot be made. The player with the highest score wins!


PeltaPeeps Game Review:



PeltaPeeps is one of those games that has very simple rules, but a lot of playability and strategy. Thoughtful strategists will want to spend time calculating points for the best move. Over time, players gain a spatial awareness and understanding, even intuitively “seeing” the good plays to make and how to best foil their opponents. Playing PeltaPeeps takes putting together a puzzle to a new level!


The pieces are very playful and fun. In the prototype version, I liked the wooden material of the pieces and the carved details. The peeps have great personality that players of all ages will enjoy. And it’s just plain fun to fit pieces together.


Players who enjoy strategy games like Splendor, Go, and Carcassonne will enjoy PeltaPeeps. Check it out on Kickstarter this month starting March 7th!

Thank you to Pelta Games for sending this game to Unfiltered Gamer. The review is our honest opinion of the game.

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