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Mystery Dice (Now on Kickstarter)

I have a soft spot for mystery bags and boxes. I love a good deal and if I believe in the quality of the company, I don’t mind my items being random. Especially if already love pretty much everything available from the company.

Enter Gate Keeper Games, known for their famous Halfsies Dice sets and over a dozen successful Kickstarter campaigns.

I love my Mint Green Neutron Dice featured here. When I saw them I exclaimed to John Wrot (owner of Gate Keeper Games) that the colors and shimmer reminded me of mermaids, which is one of my obsessions.

These are quality dice.

And they come with a cute tower shaped box. You may have seen them hiding on my bookshelf in some of my Calli’s Corner videos lately!

Back to John Wrot.

He got a little shifty-eyed after that. Said he was working on a secret project – couldn’t say much at that point.

Just kept peering around and looking out my window as if he expected someone to be hiding there with a camera!

Well, after plying him with water (it was a 100 degree type of day in southern California), I did get about as much as you’ll hear in this video from him:


Ooooooo. Mysterious.

New size? New shapes? New colors? Weird dice?

Count me (and about 1,609 backers at the time of writing this) in!

And, count me in for being one of those guest designers and making my mermaid dice design a reality. If you don’t already know, I’ve designed Moonshell: A Mermaid Game, coming to Kickstarter soon, also featuring…you guessed it. Mermaids.

I can’t wait to get creative with this. I have a few things in mind, but if you have ideas let me know in the comments!

“It’s more than just dice, it’s about an experience!”

Check out the Mystery Dice Campaign.


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