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Educational Board Games for the Whole Family

With stay at home orders, board games offer the opportunity to spend quality time together as a family–time away from screens and through structured social interaction. Now is a great time to invest in educational board games that are replayable, fun and support learning through play.

In this blog and video series, I’ve putting together some educational board game recommendations, loosely arranged by recommended ages – so visual games that don’t require a lot of reading and share great concepts for early learners are first. Many say ages 7+ or 8+, but younger students can play many of these too.

Next up, check out the full list below of all of the board games I mentioned and showed in the video, including the educational benefits and where to purchase the game!

Educational Board Games


1+ players

What I like: completely visual, and great to play at any time, even while doing other activities

Educational value: developing pattern recognition, shape, color recognition, logical reasoning


Ice Cool

2-4 players

What I like: play as wobbly penguins trying to maneuver around the board and collect your fish

Educational value: fine motor skills and geometry (angles and reflection)



2-8 players

What I like: visual, no words, only need to hold 3 tiles

Educational value: visualization and informative feedback, multi-step problem solving 


Looney Quest

2-5 players

What I like: plays like a video game so relatable concepts for kids to understand how it plays

Educational value: spatial temporal reasoning, fine motor skills


Slide Quest

1-4 players

What I like: cooperative, families really have to work together!

Educational value: fine motor skills, communication skills



2 players

What I like: the strategy in balancing the button gaining aspect versus covering more area and getting the perfect pieces to fll your board.

Educational value: spatial reasoning, critical thinking



2-5 players

What I like: really great components and theme of building your own planet biome by biome!

Educational value: 3D visualization, multi-step problem solving



2 or 4 players

What I like: it’s an abstract strategy game, I think of it as an alternative to chess for younger players

Educational value: multi-step problem solving, critical thinking


Thank you for checking out my list of educational board games for kids and families. If you’d like to see more, check out the full series of Calli’s Corner videos on Youtube!

While many of these games were given to us free of charge, no compensation was collected for being included in this blog and video. Links include affiliate links – thank you for supporting Unfiltered Gamer!

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