Bezier Games has announced that Silver Dagger will be hitting stores this October just in time for your Halloween game night! Silver Dagger is the fourth stand-alone game in the engaging Silver card game series by Ted Alspach.

The Silver games possess the basic mechanics of the traditional card game Golf; the main objective is to shed cards and points as fast as possible however, this series introduces tons of unique abilities making the strategies ever-changing and very interesting!

In Silver Dagger you’ll find 14 all new roles & abilities, some of which will have you changing up the direction of game play as part of your overall strategy! Both the Dagger token and the #11 Reverser will allow you to do this – extremely helpful when there are threatening Zombies approaching your village! The #4 Zombies in Silver Dagger are an interesting twist in this particular deck – they are almost impossible to discard, even in matching sets! Once they become faceup in a village, they are able to be given to the previous player in the rotation; you’ll be scrambling for a Reverser once your neighbor reveals one!

Fortunately, there are some extremely helpful roles to help you like the Debt Collector, which subtracts a point for each card held by your opponents at the end of the round, and the Halfling, who has the power to divide your entire score for the round in half! Like in all Silver games, you may call for a vote when you think you have the least amount of points at the table to achieve a score of zero for the round and gain possession of the dagger token…however, with the possibility of getting negative points with a Debt Collector, your strategy may be to NOT call!

Each of the Silver games is unique in their own way but, they are also fun to mix and match to create a custom deck of your favorite abilities! Pre-order Silver Dagger now on the Bezier Games website; join the Bezier Games Wolfpack today and score the whole series for just $70 throughout the month of September!!!

Want to try before you buy? Download the Silver game app on iOS or Android for FREE today, recently updated with all of the fun abilities from Silver Bullet!