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Moonshell: A Mermaid Game | Designer Insights

My name is Calli Wright and I am a game designer.

Games are for everyone!

My goal is to help build the board game community and expose a wider audience to the joys of games. One way I am working on my goal is by creating informative and conversational videos called Calli’s Corner.

Another way is designing games that appeal to a wider audience.

When I started playing a LOT of games (our collection is over 1,000 now), I noticed a lack of games with one of my favorite themes: mermaids.

When I had an idea for a set collection tile game (the first concept) I knew collecting seashells as a mermaid character would be a viable thematic connection.

Collecting seashells of different types and colors seemed appealing to my fantasy-obsessed self – and perhaps could be for many others, including women and girls.

I love when the theme and mechanics of a game go hand-in-hand and just work together.

So when I imagined these seashells shifting in the ocean, it made sense for the board to rotate and the waves to move the seashells around so you can collect them.

It all came together rather quickly!

The harder part is everything that comes after that: play-testing, iterating, components, project management, art direction, ack!

But I am glad to be going through this entire process and learning along the way.

I am excited to share this journey (art, design, insights) on our instagram @moonshellgame and facebook group community as well. And, if you just want to know when we go live, sign up for emails at moonshellgame.com.

Thanks for supporting me as a game designer – it is much appreciated!

Calli Wright game designer
Calli Wright, designer of Moonshell: A Mermaid Game


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