Tips for Understanding Board Game Rules


Sharing my top tips for understanding board game rule books. Learn and teach games like a pro!

Reading rules and learning how to play board games is one of the biggest barriers to building and growing the board game community. There are certain conventions and formatting of rule books that you only understanding after playing so many games and reading so many rule books. But, I hope these tips provide a bit of a shortcut as you are delving into the world of board games, so you can learn and understand how to play a lost faster!

Any other tips you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments!

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Reviewers Mentioned:

Shut Up and Sit Down, Man Vs. Meeple, The Dice Tower, Rahdo Runs Through and Quackalope – he’s okay too.

Games referenced: Everdell by Starling Games, Five Tribes by Days of Wonder, Tiny Towns by Alderac Entertainment Group

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