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Upcoming Kickstarter Board Games – September 2017

We’re back with the latest and upcoming Kickstarter board games, card games and other tabletop-related campaigns!

There’s a bunch of cool stuff coming out this September –and I organized the Kickstarter campaigns by date where possible. As always, let us know in the comments or on social media if we forgot any big ones!




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Game Anywhere Table –  A modular, magnetic, portable gaming table. Ends September 27th.

game anywhere table


Warehouse 13: The Board Game – A semi-cooperative board game based on the SyFy hit. Ends September 27th.

warehouse 13 game


Into the Black – A semi-cooperative space pirate dungeon crawl for 1-4 players. Ends September 28th.

Table of Ultimate Gaming – The Adjustable, expandable, and durable tabletop gaming system. Ends September 28th.

table of ultimate gaming


Castles and Dragons – A strategy board game with realistic economic aspects. Ends October 1st.


Scrooge – The Board Game – A fiendishly, funny survival board game for families and fun-loving adults. Starts September 5th.

Scrooge board game

Superbeings Jumbo Card Game – A 4x large, anime-styled 2-4 player card battler by designer Rick Medina. Starts September 5th.

Heirs of the Wizard King – A fast, medium-weight, set collection game. Starts September 5th.

Heirs of the Wizard King


Dawn of the Archmage– 2-4 player game of miniatures, mages, & monsters. Battle with monsters in gladiatorial combat for the right to be the Archmage. Starts September 12th.

Drinks with Frenemies – A party game that allows you to sabotage your frenemies. The Kickstarter starts on September 29th.

drinks with frenemies



List not large enough for you? Check out all the upcoming Kickstarter board games on our static page. See you next time!




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