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Unfiltered Gamer receives board games for review as well as donations before or after our review based on the publisher's decision.

Our reviewers are volunteers; their opinions are their own and they are not compensated by the publishers and/or designers.

Donations go toward maintaining the site, filming equipment and editing top-notch videos to showcase your amazing Kickstarter games.

(Requests may change based on the amount of games we have in, any past agreed upon donation will be upheld)

Gold Package

Your game will receive top-priority on our timeline as well as the following:

  1. Full, high-quality review or preview video
    Including: background music, sound effects and full walkthrough
  2. Blog post feature - (provided our blogger has the time)
  3. Social media sponsorship on our social media channels
  4. (For Kickstarters)A featured space and embedded video on our Big List of Kickstarter Board Games
  5. Potential play-through on our widely received live-stream (depending on spots available)
    If you choose this package we will guarantee your review is ready for your campaign provided we have two weeks.
    For the gold package, we recommend a $105 donation.

Silver Package

  1. High-quality review or preview video
  2. Brief walkthrough and background music
  3. Social media sponsorship on our social media channels
  4. Potential play-through on our widely recieved live-stream (depending on spots available
  5. (For Kickstarters) Your game listed on our Big List of Kickstarter Board Games
    If you choose this package your game will be reviewed within 4 weeks.
    For the standard package, we recommend a donation of $85

Bronze Package

  1. Short and to-the-point video (Boardgame Spotlight) with our review or a full blog post written on our site. Will vary based on video queue length.
  2. (For Kickstarters) Your game listed on our Big List of Kickstarter Board Games
  3. Social media sponsorship on Twitter and Facebook
    If you choose this package we will review it based on a first come first serve basis, feel free to ask us for a time estimate.
    For the Bronze package, we offer it free!
  4. Our current queue time as of 7/11/17 is 7-10 weeks.

Live Stream Play-test Add-on:

See your game blind play-tested live on our live stream. Viewership ranges from 7,500 to 15,000 over the course of the evening. You are welcome to interact with viewers on the comments section during play.

A donation of $25 is recommended, which is much less than what you would pay for a Facebook Ad with similar audience reach.

Banner Ad Add-on 

Did you know that viewers need to see an ad an average of 5 times before they remember it? Increase the number of times gamers see your game or campaign by adding a fun and engaging banner ad image and link to our website!

A recommended donation of $25 will get you a month of space on one of our more popular webpages.


Giveaway Add-on:


Giveaways are going on constantly in the board game community. If you haven't thought of doing one for your upcoming campaign this might be of interest to you. We will set up and run a giveaway for your game throughout the campaign. These giveaways typically get over 1000 entries and we can customize the entries to your liking. Get this add-on to increase the views of your game via our hashtag system and daily tweets from all of our entrants. For this Add-on we request a donation of $45 as well as an extra copy of your game to use during the giveaway. We can ship it to the winner(s) ourselves or you can. The we use the funds for shipping and the possibility we need to send our own game as a reward.

Facebook Banner Ad Add-on: 

Currently Unfiltered Gamer has two options for banners on facebook, our main page and our group page: The Unfiltered Gamer Board Game Group. With this add-on we will include your game on our banner for the first 7 days of your campaign. A donation of $10 for either location is what we ask for this add-on.

Speed Review  Add-on:

The quickest we can get a review done at our highest level currently is roughly 7 days provided the stars align. If your game is currently running on Kickstarter and you need a review as fast as possible this is the add-on for you. We will bump your game to the front of the line as well as add extra work hours on our off-time to make sure the game is reviewed as fast as humanly Possible. $50 - This is a limited option that is based on scheduling


We know that some games are still in need of an extra push for balancing, blind plays, additional content and suggestions. Our average reviewed game gets around 2-3 plays at different player values before being given our overall review. If you'd like additional plays of your game as well as helpful suggestions and a full in-depth critique we strongly suggest this package. For this Add-on we request a donation of $45. (This package can be selected alone provided we have a copy of the game)

Live Play Example:


Cooperative Gameplay Video

People love watching games being played. This add-on can be asked for in addition or instead of one of our review packages. We will create a video specifically orientated on learning your game turn by turn. Full video which includes footages from beginning to end of your game in action. We can include special effects and music as well as sound effects. Unlike our reviews however this video will simply be a play-through of your game. You'll have the option of selecting which reviewers you would like to play and the player count of your game. Currently we request a donation of $100+ depending on length of game play for this package. If you're interested in adding the cardboard stacker (another popular youtube reviewer) to this game play footage please let us know!

Giveaway Example: