Editor Specializing in Game Rules, Rulebooks and Manuals


I’m Calli Welsch. I love playing board games and I love writing and editing. By day, I work for a non-profit, helping kids learn math through games, based on neuroscience research.

Using my expertise in tabletop gaming knowledge, my Masters in English and my experience editing game rules, I can help you craft a great experience for your players when they dive into your game to get started playing!

For a timely quote, please contact me with:

  • The latest text version of your rules
  • Your timeline for completing text edits
  • Consolidated feedback and notes from your blind play-testers (unless you only need proofreading)




Quotes will be based on the word count and the level of editing required:

  • Proofreading: editing for typos and corrections. The editor does not have to have played the game before and perhaps preferably one proofreader should not have played the game before to act as a set of fresh eyes. This is usually the last step in the editing and design process, just before you go to print.
  • Copy editing: line by line editing for grammar, clarity and conciseness. The editor should have played the game at least once, or have the game taught to them (via video chat) to best edit for clarity.
  • Structural editing: reorganizing as well as copy editing for flow and schema-building. Requires a deep understanding of the game and rules to best help players easily build a schema on how to play as well as how to reference the rules.


“One of the more challenging things in game design and creation is making clear and easy to understand rules for people to be able to enjoy your game. I have to say that when I found Calli Welsch, it was like finding a treasure trove. Not of gold or diamonds but of skill and talent that could take my rough words and ramblings and turn them into a truly elegant, efficient and clear set of instructions. She is a treasure and more valuable to a game designer than actual gold.”

– Dave Killingsworth, Solar Flare Games