Classic Board Games Available on Android

Classic Board Games Available on Android

When it comes to board games, it’s hard to beat the classics. Here are some of the classic board games available in mobile versions that you can download right now from the Play store:


The Game of Life by Marmalade Game Studio

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This mobile version takes the board game to a whole new level. The game features a 3D animated version of the classic board that you can interact with as you progress through the game. It even includes animated versions of the peg people you’re used to. Just like the board game, you can go to college, get a job, get married, and work your way through all of the various stages. As for player modes, you can play with others online or else play with your friends on one device. Some of the other features of this app include mini game competitions and a fast mode that offers a new set of challenges. You can download The Game of Life from the Play store for $2.99.

Battleship by Marmalade Game Studio

Like the other classic board games turned mobile games, Battleship features all of what you love about the original version but also includes new modes of play to keep you interested. In addition to classic mode, this game has commanders mode, which allows you to play a faster-paced, strategic version of the game. Commanders are from different periods in history, and there are different abilities for each commander. The game also has single player mode and multiplayer mode, and the ability to complete missions and move up through the ranks. Practicing different strategies will move you towards victory in no time. The official mobile version is available from the play store.


Scrabble by Electronic Arts

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Unlike the board game, you don’t need another person to play this mobile game. Plus, it’s free to download. You can play against the computer, play with friends from Facebook, or play against a random person online. There’s even the option to play multiple games at once, which is another perk you don’t have with the board game (unless you have several games). Other features include timed play, a Scrabble dictionary for reference, and teacher mode. But if you really want to learn some Scrabble strategy to set yourself apart from the rank amateurs, one thing you should know is that being a pro at Scrabble doesn’t mean that you need to memorize a massive amount of definitions for obscure words like “QI” or “ZEK.” You only need to know that these are valid words in the game, and that they’ll earn you points. Brush up on your strategy to improve your game, and then show off your score to your friends!


Risk: Global Domination by SMG Studio

Like Scrabble, you can download this game for free from the Play store. This version of Risk lets you play in Global Domination mode, which allows you to battle online against people. Play this mode so you can join or host battles, be matched with similarly-ranked online players, climb the ranks, and defeat your opponents. There are many other modes available as well. Additionally, you can change the difficulty level of the game, seek out in-game help to improve your skills, and keep track of your progress. Classic board games are beloved for a reason, many people have fond memories of these games.  If you’re looking for other games to play that were inspired by the classics, there are plenty more available. You’re sure to never run out of options!

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  1. It seems appropriate for the classic games to be relegated to apps, as the games we actually play on a tabletop get more and more sophisticated.

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