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Unfiltered Gamer board game giveaways

Welcome to Unfiltered Gamer's board game giveaways. We run giveaways all the time...we live to share our love of games.

Many of these card and board games are donated from our community designers and publishers and represent some of the newest games out there!

Other games are donated directly from Unfiltered Gamer in the hopes that your family and friends will enjoy it and spread the love of board games.

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If you are a board game designer looking to giveaway a copy of your game and spread the love to a wider audience, check out our promotions page.

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Notes on Unfiltered Gamer giveaway rules. You may enter everyday for several types of entries. Be sure to come back everyday to get the maximum number of entries and have the greatest chance to win. No Purchase Required. Free shipping to anyone in the United States. If you are outside of the United States please provide a donation for the shipping of the game or cards. All entries are void if any entry is not preformed correctly. Winner will have seven days to respond. If winner does not contact us in that time limit an new winner will be selected at random.