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Here you will find a list of board game artists available to help you create your tabletop game. Below is a short bio of each artist and a way to contact them. All we ask is that you mention that you found them from our site UnfilteredGamer. All these artists are in no way affiliated with our site and we are not responsible for any contractual agreements made between the artist and the commissioner.

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Name: Heather Vaughan

I am an award winning Illustrator and Game Artist who has worked in a wide range of markets, past projects I have worked on include Kids on Bikes, Fireball Island, and Beneath Nexus. I am based in Philadelphia PA where I am the Associate Art Director for Silverclutch Games in addition to my freelance career. Past clients include: Renegade Game Studio, Restoration Games, Hunters Books and Entertainment, Silverclutch Games, Infectious Play, Cardboard Edison, The American Cancer Society, Collective Arts Brewing, and Bravo TV Network.


Contact Heather :


dwarf image
stonewatch board game

Name: Jerry Padilla


With more than 15 years of experience in CGI, Illustration and Graphic design, Jerry Padilla has developed numerous art specializing in Character Development, Environment Concept Art , 3D Modeling and animating for ads, TV spots and the big screen. He worked as art director of Metacube Technology and entertainment, and last worked on the board game BENEATH by Dark Hand Games.


Contact Jerry:


Name: Nivea Toliver

I’m a freelance illustrator working out of Pennsylvania. I love to work with character design, fantasy illustration, sci-fi illustration, I’m always up for a challenge. I work traditionally and digitally with knowledge in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Paint Tool SAI, and Corel Painter.

Recently I have done work for Exodus TCG, Animus TCG, and other startup projects like the successfully kickstarted children’s card game Yes Broccoli. Please reach out if you have any inquiries, I would love to hear from you!


Herbert West - Animus tcg
Nivea Toliver - Profile Picture
FantasyForest_SashaR (1)

Name: Saša Radivojević

Style: Saša is an artist with long history in traditional as well as digital painting and that can be found in his style that is rich in realistic detail, texture and expression.
He studied psychology and marketing, had several successful kickstarters, and makes board games and playing cards in his free time. His favorite setting is epic fantasy and his favorite food is bolognese.

Contact Saša:


Name: Darryl T. Jones


Style: Darryl is an illustrator specializing in in bold and expressive comic book style illustrations. He has nearly 20 years of experience as an artist and designer, making him one of the most versatile in the industry. He has worked in a plethora of disciplines, including:  Game Art Illustration, Concept Design, Comic Book Illustration, Map Illustration, Iconography, Logo Design, Web Design and Print and Marketing.

Contact Darryl:

Fungus Art
Drone Ship Art
Darryl T. Jones
Board Game Artists JI Brady

Name: JI Brady


Style: JI Brady is a Pixel Artist, you may have seen some of his creations in the game "Blind Wizard Brawl". If you're looking for pixel artwork he's your man.


Contact Brady:

Name: Sam Turner


Style: My aspirations as an artist are in the continuity of my career goals, the creation of a style that is my own, and the will that fits into my worldview. I describe my artistic work in three stages: Observation, Understanding, and Creation. My major inspirations include Darek Zabrocki, Fenghua Zhong, and Feng Zhu.''

Contact Sam:

Emily Hancock

Name: Emily Hancock


Style: Emily creates floral work for board game designers, her most prominent work can be found in "Zephyr Workshops'" Florafiora.


Contact Emily:


Name: Antonios Christou


Style: Antonios Christou makes wonderful fantasy art and is breaking into the board gaming hobby with his passion project "luminous Ages" His main genres are Fantasy, Mythology and Fairy Tale.


Contact Antonios:


Name: Nick Nazzaro


Style: Nick Nazaaro is an award-winning illustrator from Boston, now living in Los Angeles. He uses bold colors and creates abstract shapes with heavy texture. Co-founder of Lay Waste Games - Awards include but are not limited to The Society of Illustrators, The Society of Illustrators West, 3x3 Magazine, and Creative Quarterly. Clients include: Coca-Cola, Best Buy, Jeep and may more.


Contact Nick:


Name: Timothy Lowell Olinger


Style: I'm Tim Olinger. I live in Oklahoma. I'm married and we have two children. I'm a planner, a dreamer, a schemer. I love making or modifying games. My face is featured on the Blue King of this card deck. When i discovered Kickstarter, I realized that I could actually design, produce and sell the art and game ideas that have been fermenting in my brain. My years of varied work history has given me many ideas. I love figuring out how to make a board or card game work. I also think art should be functional. My dream is to make a variety of games using the Kingdoms of Erden IP. We have been creating the art assets for Kingdoms of Erden for five years. I've had several successful campaigns on kickstarter, hopefully many more!


Contact Timothy:


Name: Eric Streed

Style: Eric Streed went to school in Richmond Virginia for art, where he focused on Video Game and Character Design. He has worked with multiple animation studios with clients ranging from independent developers to the Boston Bruins. He is the co-owner of a small game company based in Pennsylvania, called ATK Gaming LLC. They debuted their first game at PAX Unplugged in Philly in 2017, and are excited about the possibilities that were presented to them. Eric lives in Dover, NH, with his amazing wife Myriah, wonderful daughter Amelia, and their dog Maisy. Eric is often available for commissions and does a lot of family portraits or special occasion drawings. He also loves doing illustrations for children’s books or RPG Supplements. You can check out more of Eric’s work online, and feel free to reach out if you have any comments or questions!


Contact Eric:


Name: Sebastian Koziner


Style: Our graphic designer, Sebas worked for 10 years in videogames, but one day he discovered board games and got hooked up. Since then, he works full time giving life to upcoming tabletop projects. In his spare time, he also designed his own game ONI, succesfully kickstarted on 2015.


Contact Sebastian:


Name: Jamie Noble Frier


Jamie is a freelance digital artist from Sussex, UK. He primarily takes on contracts on the literature publishing/self-publishing, and board game projects, but takes on contracts providing illustration and graphic design to many different industries.

Among many others, Jamie has provided artwork for League of Legends (Riot Games),  Magicka (board game licensed by Paradox Interactive), Ed Greenwood (Forgotten Realms, Dungeons and Dragons) and Richard A Knaak (author of Warcraft, Dragonlance and Diablo series of books).


Contact Eric:


Name: Ignacio Paz


32 years old graphic designer from Chile. I'm currently working developing APPs (UI/UX area).

Deeply in love of the board games since i was a child and now part of the EJM Chile (board game editorials chile) help with anything i can to make this industry grow here.

I´m working in a personal board game project (Earth's last stand ) how works as an excellent excuse to practice and enjoy the development of mechanics, graphic design and art.

I'll love to work in Board game related projects.


Contact Ignacio:


Name: Amit Ghadge


I'm a boardgame artist and graphic designer by profession, so far have worked on more than 15 Boardgames most of them successfully funded through KS. Currently placed as Creative Director at Crimson Studio, me and my team can work in versatile styles as requirements.


Contact Amit:


Name: James Colmer


James Colmer is a multi-award winning Artist and Designer who has worked for some of the most well known companies in the world for almost 30 years, including Disney, Paramount, Warner Bros, Universal, BBC and WWE.

He specialises in concept art, character design and illustration for Feature Films, Theme Parks, Television, Advertising and Games and is currently a full time freelance in the Board Game industry.

Recent projects include Martin Wallace's AuZtralia, Manhattan Project 2: Minutes to Midnight, Arena: The Contest and many others.


Contact James:

artist sample picture
AuZtralia Board Game Cover
Time Machine Board Game

Name: Liz Burall


Hi, I'm Liz Burall and I'll a 3 dimensional artist. I use Daz Studio and Photoshop. I have worked with Daz for over 10 years and love fantasy art. I specialize in portraits but am always learning new things.

Contact Liz:

Female 3d design
Acantha Female

Name: Julio de Carvalho


I'm an Illustrator with emphasis on Fantasy Art and Visual Narrative, using digital painting, photography, and 3D as integrated media in the development of high-quality images for my clients.
I am always looking for opportunities in movies, games, and animations.
In my free time, I like to study new software to apply them to my workflow and play some games to keep me updated with the new technologies.


Contact Julio:

Name: Aaron Howdle


I am the artist for Last One In , a zombie card game. I also do a lot of fantasy illustration.

Contact Aaron:

Hovel House
Goblins Sketch
Goblins Cave Art

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