The Unfiltered Team:


Michael J Wright - The Unfiltered Gamer / Video Editor / Owner

Michael Wright is the owner of Unfiltered Gamer. A gamer all his life, he led a top-ranking raiding guild on World of Warcraft for six years, was a player and judge for Magic the Gathering tournaments, and now reviews board games. Michael has reviewed over 300 board games on his YouTube channel.


Calli R Welsch - Editor / Rules Editor / Blog Manager / Emails

Calli Welsch is the blog manager and editor at Unfiltered Gamer. By day, she works for a non-profit, helping kids learn math through games. Utilizing her masters in English, and extensive writing and editing expertise, she also edits board game rules, helping designers craft a great gaming experience for their players.




Joshua Edey - Live Play-testing / Reviewer / Facebook Manager




Sarah Childs - Blogger / Play-testing / Website Admin





Ashley Skocilic - Reviewer / Play-testing